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Mobile development
is in our DNA

Over the past decade, we've designed and built dozens of premium grade apps on iOS and Android for some of Australia's greatest companies.

We have extensive in-house development expertise in Swift (iOS), Kotlin (Android), React Native and Flutter.

We’re thought leaders in app development throughout Australasia and the world, regularly hosting Cocoaheads and Google Developer Group.

We’ve also developed Bilue Academy, which offers free iOS Design and Development training to women wishing to gain a foothold in the industry.

Bilue can help you achieve all the big milestones for your next app

Research & User Experience Design

Customer experience is key to a successful app project. We help you find out what your users want, through interviews, analysis, surveys and more.

User Interface & Design Systems

We bring your brand to life through beautiful and intuitive interactions. We maintain visual integrity through precise implementation of design systems.

Backend Engineering

We craft strategies to organise, leverage and maintain data for each project. Our cloud solutions drive value across security, costs and efficiency.

Multi-Platform Engineering

We pride ourselves on engineering quality apps across multiple platforms and devices. Our local engineers are passionate experts in native mobile technologies across iOS, Android and much more.

Quality Assurance

Our integrated approach ensures we tackle risks across the spectrum of each project. We ensure high quality apps through a suite of automations, tools and testing methods.

Release to App Store & Google Play

We look after everything required for a successful app release. This includes getting the app store submissions right for approval. We also take care of icons, preview screens and app store optimisation.


Bilue’s design and engineering teams cover a wide range of mobile technologies to bring  your app to life. Essential app development skills we offer include:

In-depth knowledge of modern Programming Languages

Bilue’s mobile app developers are at home with the latest programming languages for app development such as Swift, Kotlin, Flutter and React Native.

Excellent understanding of Cloud Infrastructure

Nowadays, applications are deployed, hosted, and managed in the Cloud. So our engineers know how to work with the likes of Amazon AWS and other popular cloud services. At Bilue we have a team of experts proficient in both and would gladly recommend the best for your needs.

Proven experience in the implementation of great design

Our developers know you’ve got less than 10 seconds to grab users’ attention, so they work with our designers to make sure the product is as visually appealing as it is engaging. This has been reported to increase customer acquisition, since the first impressions a user makes regarding an app is 94% design-related.

Expertise in Data management and structuring

Data is crucial for applications to run successfully. Bilue’s experts can use and make sense of all your data. We specialise in creating efficient databases and repositories without hassles.

Excellent communication and collaboration skills

App development requires extensive collaboration and communication is at the heart of it all. Our developers work with your team to communicate their ideas and thoughts clearly and accurately through speech and writing. We also use best practice tools to share code and co-edit, like git and GitHub.

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